Leader – “One who takes the lead or sets the example.”

Leader Real Estate Group, Inc began from a dream. Owner/broker Michael Russ envisioned The Lofts of Stillwater Condominium development at 501 Main St N, Stillwater, MN and with the help of a major investment partner, the dream was realized.

Leader Real Estate Group, Inc became the lead sales Broker for The Lofts of Stillwater and quickly developed a successful reputation in the St. Croix Valley for real estate acumen.

With a background in residential and commercial real estate transactions, Leader Real Estate Group, Inc frequently assists buyers to WIN/WIN negotiations.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, high net worth buyer/seller or sophisticated investor, Leader Real Estate has over 20 years experience providing great care and professionalism to your estate transactions.

To Get in the Game contact us at sales@leader-reg.com

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